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Discover The Key To Be Financially Free

Most Investors lacked financial knowledge to truly understand the financial market.

Many financial advisors talk about saving. Actually it is not saving that is the issue. Growing Our Money, Our Wealth Is The Issue.

Some people turn to fixed deposit, endowment saving plan but these instruments isn’t growing money any faster either. Others turned to stocks without knowledge, skills and time which ends up losing even more.

A recent survey has shown that 57% of people are pessimistic and disappointed with their financial goals.

Traditional investment vehicles have failed Investors.

To be Successful We Got To Follow The Steps Taken By Those Successful

That is why we created a platform that is easy for you to learn, invest or simply follow winning money managers

Have you heard of the phase the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. This is because the poor continues to do what the poor always has been doing while the rich have access to investment instruments and knowledge that the poor don’t or not willing to pick up.

We want to help common investors like yourself to access critical knowledge and investment instruments that can grow your wealth faster than the average Joe yet keeping risk in check.

Let us introduce you Rockwell Investment Club.

Rockwell Investment Club

Rockwell Investment Club is specially setup for both the active investor to learn various winning investment and trading strategies and also the "lazy investor" who can just copy the trades of the winning money managers in our Passive Investment Plan.

Passive Investment Plan That Taps on Winning Money Managers Who Achieved Warren Buffett Returns and Above.

Learn through our various investment and trading courses for those who are more hands on.

Follow our Signal Program on Stocks (US & Singapore) and Forex. Supplied with Charts, Exact Entry, Stops and Target Prices (Platinum Level Only)

Tons of Learning Video Tutorials for the Active Investor

We have worked with our partners to bring you tons of learning video tutorials. No matter you are a beginner in investing or a seasoned investor/trader. We have something for everyone. These cover the basics of investing and saving to economy to higher level trading strategies and psychology.

Total Worth $598 USD

Passive Investment Plan for the "Lazy" Investor


Does financial jargon bores you or perhaps making your investment profitable seems like a mystery to you?

We have specially setup this plan for you. Every quarter we will identify a group of winning money managers and you can copy your investment according to these winning money manager's investment according to your risk appetite.

It is as easy as that.

Look at How the Money Managers Performed?

Investment funds

All Carefully Selected Money Managers Exceeds
Warren Buffett's Investment Return


How Passive Investment Plan Works

Step 1: Open an Account with our Partnering Broker

Step 2: Allocate your money to the different money managers according to your risk level : Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive

Step 3: Watch Your Money Grow. Withdrawal can be Anytime after 1st Month.

We Worked With Award Winning Partners

Why Investors Love Our Club:

I am currently very busy with my day to day work. I choose to follow the winning money managers portfolio to grow my wealth. This is a good way to diversify my investment portfolio.

Laris, Financial Professional

Tan Geng Hui, Entrepreneur


Even being in the financial industry for more than 7 years before I started my business, I still benefited a lot on the different strategies taught in the course. This is a must learn course for those wanting to grow their wealth through self managing their investment.

Mr. & Mrs. Tang, Retirees

We are retirees without in depth knowledge on the financial market. We are pleased that by just simply following the correct money managers we can copy their exact winning money making trades and make a good living from the returns.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Club Membership

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Educational Video Tutorials on Investment/Trading

How to invest $200 a month and be financially free in 10 years guide

Email Updates on changes to Winning Money Manager list

Passive Investment Plan

Start as little as $250 USD

Fund Allocation Guide Based on Risk (High, Mid, Low) Appetite

List of Winning Money Managers

(Updated Quarterly or more)

Membership Fees

(per 6 Months):

38 USD



For the "Lazy" Investors and Beginner Traders


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

A video version of a 2 and a half days trading course (Retails $3600)

All items in Silver Plan + Below

198 USD

Membership Fees

(per 6 Months):




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For the Active Advance Investors & Traders

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